2021 - "Below the Arctic Ice" Immersive Exhibition with Mario Cyr

  • Role - Customer experience development and international deployment support for Eloize Expo

Perfect for families and school groups, this captivating and educational exhibition takes visitors on a one of a kind adventure to the nearly inaccessible: the Canadian Arctic.

This 45 minute immersive experience will draw them into spectacular landscapes in rare and never before seen photos and video captured on the expeditions of Mario Cyr, one of the world’s foremost wildlife documentary filmmakers. They will cross paths with polar bears, walruses, narwhals, sea angels and large marine mammals during their visit.

Visitors will also learn about the team’s expedition base camp and diving equipment, as well as the challenges they faced. The interactive exhibit culminates with a virtual dive under the ice with Mario Cyr, in a breathtaking 360 degree projection space. The sheer scale of the images of these frigid waters will transport visitors into this powerful yet fragile world.

2020-21 - "Imagine Van Gogh" Immersive Exhibition

  • Development in the American markets for Tandem Expositions

A spectacular and immersive exhibition of the works of Vincent Van Gogh that takes viewers on a unique journey inside the artist’s paintings.

Imagine Van Gogh, an exhibition to admire The Starry NightIrises and Sunflowers or to be drawn into the intimacy of his Bedroom in Arles. An experience that brings viewers to the heart of its images, Imagine Van Gogh is accompanied by the music of the great composers Saint-Saëns, Mozart, Bach, Delibes and Satie.

2018 - Mosaïcultures internationales of Montréal in Gatineau

  • Role - Director, Communication and Marketing

Development and implementation of the marketing strategy for Mosaiculture Gatineau 2018.

Presentation of the event
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