Strategic Event Communications

A business leader noted for his proficiency and creativity in the fields of concept development, project design and strategic management.

Known for his ability to deliver innovative solutions, overcome complex challenges, meet stringent deadlines and drive initiatives forward. Proven proficiency in forming creative, efficient professional teams, empowering team members with freedom and autonomy while providing mentoring, support and resources to meet – and often surpassing – client objectives.

Develops clear, articulate, and powerful communication strategies for private and public sector organizations. Turns project deliverables into concrete and successful results within budget limits.

The logo...

The logo that I have used for a long time was created by designer Roberto Wilson. It is quite simply a leaf clip, illustrating my function at the time, press attaché, imagined from my initials: the J and the O!

The J...

... and the O

The logo

NOTE: Thank you to Alex from wpmarmite.com for the effectiveness of his tutorial on YouTube, to Maryse Tapp and her team fromAgence DoubleXpresso for their support, to Michel Julien for the quality of the visual elements, to Patrick Hollier for his linguistic talents and to Pierre Tessier for his 3rd eye.