Public Affairs

Strategic Event Communications

2019-2020 - SOTERIA Institute

  • Role - Strategic Advisor

SOTERIA aims to provide training, research, and development activities on high-level security operations with a view to increase the safety, intelligence and resilience of organizations. Its goal is to train tomorrow's security leaders today by establishing itself as the benchmark for security in Canada.

2017 – Parc des Sommets of Bromont

  • Role - Strategic Advisor

Support for the Mont Brome Conservation Society in funding for the creation of the Parc des Sommets of Bromont.

2001-03 - City of Montréal

  • Role - Policy Advisor, Culture, Heritage and Design

Office of the Mayor of Montréal and the Executive Committee 

With Arcade Fire, Helen Fotopulos,
Élaine Ayotte and Gérald Tremblay

2010 – Bureau de la sécurité privée (BSP)

  • Role - Director, Public Affairs

Mandate - Played a key role in the professionalism of the private security industry in Québec, hand in hand with stakeholders in the industry.

2009 - Senate of Canada

  • Role - Strategic Advisor

Mandate - Elaboration of the "Universal Declaration on the ethical harvesting of seals" within the team of Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette.

2007-08 - Office of the Leader of the Official Opposition, Ottawa

  • Role - Strategic Communication Advisor

Mandate - Strategic Communications Director (Québec Region) and writer/editor of the “Environment” blog during COP-14 in Bali.