Public Affairs

Strategic Event Communications

City of Montréal - 2001-2003

  • Role - Policy Advisor, Culture, Heritage and Design

Office of the Mayor of Montréal and the Executive Committee 

With Arcade Fire, Helen Fotopulos,
Élaine Ayotte and Gérald Tremblay

Bureau de la sécurité privée (BSP) – 2010

  • Role - Director, Public Affairs


Mandate - Played a key role in the professionalism of the private security industry in Québec, hand in hand with stakeholders in the industry.

Senate of Canada - 2009


  • Role - Strategic Advisor

Mandate - Elaboration of the "Universal Declaration on the ethical harvesting of seals" within the team of Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette.

Parliament of Canada, Ottawa, ON – Office of the Leader of the Opposition – 2007-2008

  • Role - Strategic Communication Advisor

Mandate - Strategic Communications Director (Québec Region) and writer/editor of the “Environment” blog during COP-14 in Bali.